Young visitors in the Heatshocker Lab

„Teenager do Research“ was the motto on 29. October 2018 in the TranslaTUM – Center for Translational Cancer Research of the Technical University of Munich. The students group “Heatshockers” invited seven interested teenagers for a small guided tour through the research facilities. During that they are given an insight in the daily work in the field of medical research.
In addition to showing the different lab equipment, the young researchers also learned in detail about the project of the Heatshockers. The group, mostly students of electrical engineering, are developing a device to precisely measure certain proteins in the blood. The concentration of the so called “Heatshock proteins” is higher in cancer patients. With the smart combination of biochemical effects and electronics, it is possible to measure that concentration in the blood.
In contrast to the quote “nothing is more practicable then a good theory” the teenagers were allowed to put their hands to use. Within the safety standards and with a close eye of the students, the teenagers had to bring some fluids to shine. Every participant was proven to be a future scientist.

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