Silicon Photomultiplier-based Embedded Rapid ELISA


The S.P.H.E.R.E. system is a next-generation point of care device to detect proteins, DNA and RNA at lowest concentrations in a clinical environment. It is designed to perform a semi-autmatized, rapid ELISA from whole blood of patient samples.

Save Time and Space

With the S.P.H.E.R.E. system, you can execute multiple customized sandwich ELISA experiments in under one hour. The semi-automated procedure promts you to inject the reagents to the right time. Its small size and weight lets you port this easy-to-use device anywhere. And when you are wondering where to plug the power, this system can be operated in battery mode over Wi-Fi networks or with a USB-C connector and any computer.

Specific Applications

This device is primarily designed for clinicians and physicians. BUT due to the versatility of the ELISA printed onto the chip, laboratory or scientific use is also possible.
Prepare your Sample, just fewer volume!
Setup your measurement at the computer or touch screen
Analyze your retrieved Data
Wait for the device to promt for the injections