Heatshockers win COSIMA 2018

We took part at the Competition of Students in Microsystems Applications COSIMA 2018.
It all started with the application and preparation for this competition. We wanted to prove that we can develop something extraordinary and unique. Something important. Our first steps were hard. From theory to practical implemantation was much to do. One of our biggest challenges was the biology behind our product but thankfully we had the support of our professors(Prof. Dr. Oliver Hayden) and biologists of the TranslaTUM (special thanks to Prof. Dr. Gabriele Multhoff and Caroline Werner).
With this support and the possibility to work at a laboratory in the TranslaTUM we could finally realize our own product. We worked hard to achieve to have a point of care device and to get a prove of concept.
Finally, we managed to present our product at the Electronica (trade fair) Munic 2018. There, we had the opportunity to give some insights into our product to a huge audience and got in contact with a lot of interesting and interested people. In the final presentation, we explained our concept to the jury and convinved them that our product is outstanding. Now, we are very to announce our first place at the competition. Hence, we qualified to take part in the international competition iCAN from June 23rd to 27th 2019.

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