We think that we all are part of one world where no place for suffering and illness is left.

Our main target is to improve people’s life quality.

The affected persons, in whom the cancer is no longer detectable, must be extensively examined according to the current state of the art. Blood analyses, which are time-consuming and carried out in external laboratories, are often used. The time until the results are available after a few days is often extremely stressful for patients. Our aim is to develop a device that enables these analyses to be carried out in the shortest possible time and at the doctors’ premises. The advantages for the patient are obvious: The results are available in the practice within a very short time, so that the attending physician can discuss them with the patient directly after the examination. This favours a personalised and well-founded therapy. The stressful time of uncertainty between the examination and the receipt of the result is eliminated. Furthermore, our method convinces with its extremely patient-friendly application. Only a small blood sample is required. Nuclear medical examinations with potential side effects can therefore be dispensed with. In addition, our method represents a cost-effective alternative for monitoring the healing process.